ANGLING - Salt Water


29 October - Inspections between 0830hrs and 1330hrs.

30 October  (Deep Sea Fishing Event)  0800hrs Compulsory Briefing  / 1700 Weigh-In      

31 October  (Beach / Esturay Event) 0800hrs Compulsory Briefing  / 1700 Weigh-In


Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club

115 Breakwater Parade, Mandurah WA 6210



Deep Sea - Team Event Only

Beach / Esturay - Individual and Team Event




  • This event is a fishing competition run on a weight based system heaviest species on the day wins.
  • All participants MUST be aware of state fishing regulations and MUST comply with state fishing laws on the day of the event. Volunteers will be out and about and WA Police and Marine / Safety Vessels will also be on patrol.
  • Catch & Release – All SHARKS and STING RAYS (no points will be awarded, as they cannot be weighed in).
  • For those weighting in their fish at the end of the day, all fish MUST be placed on ice or in a salt bath.
  • Fishing methods – Open category eg. Jig/s, bait and live bait, all lure/s, salt-water or fresh water fly/s.
  • Trolling allowed.
  • No electric reels allowed.
  • Note: All watercraft MUST be declared sea worthy on Monday 29th Oct 18 all estuary competitors will need to obtain the relevant fresh water fishing licence prior to the event.

Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club Vessels Information

Angling Code of Conduct

Angling Update 30.08.18


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Daily Login and Logout – For both events a T-card Login and Logout will be used.  The T-cards will note the fishing location on the day, Watercraft registration, number of participant/s involved and best mobile contact numbers.

Marine Safety – All vessels will need to Login and Logout with Mandurah Sea Search and Rescue as they leave the Peel Inlet, and all vessels MUST be registered in accordance to WA state law. 

Note: There will be an opportunity to hire a watercraft in Mandurah, but the skipper MUST ensure all safety items are compliant. There is also an opportunity to travel on the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club Vessels (limited places), participants wanting passage MUST contact the club direct (To be confirmed).

Weigh-Ins – No later than 30 min’s after each session. (Teams and Individuals MUST logout from the day’s event and the time on the T-card MUST reflect the end of the event eg. 17:00 hrs or 17:30 hrs).


  • A list of rules will be provided to all competitors prior to the event and highlighted at the briefing.
  • Attendance at the daily briefing/s is compulsory.
  • The watercraft and kayak check on the 29.10.2018 is compulsory.
  • Offshore watercraft MUST have a working radio 27mg or UHF, in date EPIRB, in date offshore/inshore flares and serviceable life jackets in accordance Dept. of Transport - Marine.
  • In-shore watercraft MUST have a working flares and serviceable life jackets in accordance with the state of WA water safety regulations.
  • Participants are encouraged to fish together and please FISH SAFE.
  • All participants fishing offshore or on a sea wall MUST wear an approved flotation vest.


Peel Region Nautical Map


MEDALS & AWARDS – To be presented on the evening of the 31st Oct 18

  • The overall winner/s will be based on the heaviest species.
  • Medals will be given to the first 3 place getters in the Deepsea Angling event.
  • Medals will be given to the first 3 place getters in the Beach/Estuary event.
  • Dinner prizes will also be awarded for heaviest; Mulloway, Whiting, Bream, and Taylor (defined species may change on the day as this is dependant on the catch).

Medal Presentations:

18:30hrs at Mandurah Offshore Fishing Club.



Contact Number: 0417 928 385 / 0432 508 326 



Monday 29/10/18 – Skipper/s briefing and watercraft checks @ 0830 - 1330hrs. Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club (All watercraft both offshore and estuary will need to be signed off).  Towed boats are to enter in Gate 2.

Tuesday 30/10/18 – Deep Sea Fishing Event (This is a team event only) / 0730 to 1600 hrs. – Compulsory briefing at 0800hrs for all event participants. Towed boats enter in gate 2 and vehicles can enter gate 1.

Note: A team can consist of a min of 2, but cannot exceed the boats safety limit.

(Weather forecast - please note the event coordinator can redirect any watercraft to safer waters if strong or gale force winds are forecast on the day. In the event of inclement weather conditions vessels will be confined to the Mandurah Estuary, Dawesville Cut and Peel Estuary.)

Wednesday 31/10/18 – Beach / Estuary Event 0730 to 1600 hrs – Compulsory briefing at 0800hrs for all team members and individual participants. Enter in Gate 1.

Please note fixtures may be subject to change based on the enrolments. Final fixtures will be listed when registration closes.  


$50 per person first first event

$25 per person for second event

ie; if you were to enter both the Deep Sea Event and Beach / Esturay Eveny, it would cost $75.


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